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Second Hand GP The Saddle Company Verona Serge The Verona is ideal for those riders enjoying hackin..
Ex Tax: £400.00

Second Hand Jumping Lavinia Mitchell Emblem Premier A prestigious name and a classic everyday saddl..
Ex Tax: £650.00

Dever English Leather Adult Stirrups Leathers 54" x 1" Dever Classic English Leathe..
Ex Tax: £41.63

Bombers Bits Eggbutt Elliptical Lock UpThe Eggbutt cheekpiece prevents pinching of the lips and give..
Ex Tax: £66.67

Bombers Bits Loose Ring Lock Up The Loose Ring allows for immediate release and relief from tongue ..
Ex Tax: £49.99

Grey Mare 7yrs Old Broken By Urkel. 15.3hh Price: £3,500.00 onoContact Seller: Sarah Mortimer 077956..
Ex Tax: £3,500.00

Teddy 15.1hh Bay Gelding 7 yr Old Broken Hacking out nicelyPrice: £3,000.00Contact Seller: Sarah Mor..
Ex Tax: £3,000.00

Rhinegold Soft Lunge Aid Encourages a longer lower outlineAllows the Horse to stretch through..
Ex Tax: £17.92

John Whitaker Argento Showjumping Saddle JWS054Argento Showjumping Saddle FORWARD CUT – CLOS..
Ex Tax: £1,850.00

John Whitaker Vienna Dressage Saddle Gullet System  JWS040GGULLET SYSTEM VIENNA DRESSAGE SADDLE..
Ex Tax: £1,550.00

John Whitaker Vienna Dressage Saddle JWS040VIENNA DRESSAGE SADDLE   Full Calfskin Leather..
Ex Tax: £1,550.00

John Whitaker LA Grand Prix Professional GP Gullet System Saddle JWS034GThe LA Grand Prix Profession..
Ex Tax: £1,550.00


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Riding Hats Champion, Gatehouse, KEP, Charles Owen

Body Protectors Champion Safetywear, Racesafe, USG, Aerowear

Riding Footwear

Pure Horse Bedding Wood PelletsMade from 100% virgin wood these are a top quality horse bedding. Onc..
text_tax £5.42

Burlybed (Miscanthus) Horse Bedding Bales Burleybed is made from 100% Miscanthus and used by ..
text_tax £6.25

Equine H Haylage - Small Bagged Haylage EQUINE H is produced from a mixture of perennial and Ital..
text_tax £7.40

Bedmax Shavings Horse Bedding BEDMAX shavings are large flake pine shavings, purpose made to pr..
text_tax £7.58

Heygates Horse and Pony Nuts 20Kg 11% PROTEIN, 19% FIBRE A non heating high fibre ration based..
text_tax £6.90