The Acavallo Opera GP  - Group 1

The Acavallo Opera GP  - Group 1

Adjustable Evol Stirrup are designed to offer comfort yet safety.

Special patented construction and exclusive design make them a unique design.

The main components of the of the stirrups are made of composite material using a single injection moulding process in which both colours are joined with each other.

Group 1 flags include Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain and USA.

Group 2 flags include Argentina, Brazil, South Korea, Denmark, UAE, Finland, New Zealand, Russia, Sweden and Norway.

Group 3 flags include Austria, Greece, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Luxumbourg, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Hungary and Japan.

Group 4 flags include Iran, Iceland, Lebanon, Portugal, South Africa, Ukraine, China, Columbia, Slovenia and UAE.

The Acavallo Opera GP - Group 1

  • Brand: Acavallo
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